: 15 2012

 The information about works of  individuals and legal entities references for 1 quarter 2013

The analysis of the arrived references has shown that for the given period in the akim’s apparatus  has arrived 561references  including from individuals – 520, from legal entities -  41 that is more  33 references from individuals and on 8 from legal entities less, than for the similar period of 2012 (487 individuals, 49 legal entities in 2012).
All of  them has arrived 11, including from Presidential Administration 1; from Office of Prime minister of RК 1 legal entity; from Mazhilis of Parliament 2;  from areal akimat 7 (6 individuals, 1 legal entity);
From among the arrived references of citizens 151 (in 2012-146) concerning allocation and habitation privatisation, 55 references (in 2012-85) concerning municipal services (repair of apartment, house, a roof, a heat supply, cold and hot water supply, maintenance with the electric power, accomplishment, work of CPC), 211references  (in 2012-150) concerning allocation, the repayment, ground rent.
Quantity of repeated references 2;
For 1 quarter 2013, according to the confirmed regulations «About the organisation of enrolment of citizens by akim and his deputies» it has been spent 12 personal receptions where 93 citizens are accepted.
By akim of Zhezkazgan Shingissov B.K. accepted 6 personal receptions on which 72 citizens have been spent.
By akim’s deputy spend 6 personal receptions on which  is accepted 21 citizens.
From them 9 questions are solved positively, 54 explanations  are made, is directed to other organisations 30.
The head of the akim’s apparatus