: 10 2013

 Statement of the child in turn in kindergarten by "The electronic government" portal

For a start we will remind how the turn in the state kindergarten is made out and when it is already possible to file documents. At registration of the birth certificate of your kid you can already put the child in turn in the state kindergarten which approximately by three-four years has to approach.
It isn\'t necessary to be noted about participation in turn! When approaching turn the staff of department of education reports to parents about place release in a kindergarten. If parents for some reason refuse to send the child to kindergarten, the turn passes to the following child standing behind it.
It is possible to trace turn on the Internet on egov.kz portal by means of the "Viewing of Number of Turn in Kindergarten" service.
For the children born since 2007-2010, possibility of viewing of turn is carried out on date of birth, a surname and a name.
For the children born since 2011 - 2013, search is carried out both on IIN and on date of birth and a name surname.
It is possible to put in turn in kindergarten online by a portal of the electronic government of www.egov.kz or by the egov.kz mobile application available to iOS and Android. The online way of statement in turn is especially convenient for young mothers and fathers as it can be done, without leaving the house.
How to receive service online
 To be registered on a portal. To pass by the button “Order Service Online”.
1 . To fill and send the demand (DS isn\'t required). To choose the region, to enter IIN or a surname, a name and date of birth of the child, a contact information.
2 . In a private office (in the section "History of Receiving Services") to study the processed notice. For further tracking of turn it is possible to use the service "Viewing of Number of Turn in Kindergarten"
Necessary documents:
1 . The statement of the established form.
2 . Identification paper of one of parents or lawful representatives.
3 . Birth certificate of the child.
4 . The document confirming a privilege (at its existence on prime receiving the direction in the children\'s preschool organization).
5 . The address reference or other document confirming a residence.
Result of rendering service
Obtaining the notice of statement of the child in turn in kindergarten or the motivated answer about refusal.
* Online service can be received, only if the child is born in RK after August 13, 2007.