: 14 2010 . : 27 2016
About conducted work in the area of public safety by the Department of Internal Affairs of Zhezkazgan
For the 1st quarter 2010.
                 Within 3 months 2010 with the purposes of criminal condition  stabilisation of the  city, preventive maintenance, revealing and suppression of offences and crimes, duly reaction to possible complications of operative conditions, in  Zhezkazgan city were performed republican, regional operatively-preventive and special operations: "Law and order", "Teenager", "Migrant", "Life", "Narcoboard", "Dope", "Account". In total it has been conducted 14 legislative enactments for accounting period.
It have been revealed 5036 administrative violations, from them: infringements of the antialcoholic legislation-832; minor hooliganism fulfilment – 174; infringement – 3474; infringement of passport rules – 107; the infringements connected with narcotic substances – 7; administrative supervision infringements – 2; abuses of regulations of litsenzion-allowing system – 22 and  abuses of regulations of stay of foreign citizens in РК – 106. Administrative violations have been revealed: in public places – 805; in streets – 277; in a life – 151 and in other places - 3803.
                For realisation of operatively-preventive actions was involved maximum quantity of the Department of Internal Affairs staff and motor transport. During this operation it was covered by check maximum quantity of persons, doubtful apartments, family brawlers, chronic alcoholics, addicts and other categories of the persons inclined to fulfilment of offences and crimes. Also the attention was given to checking of observance of trade rules of  spirits during by shops unstated time. It was conducted working off of country files, for the purpose revealings of persons without a certain residence, and also the persons making thefts of another\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s property
 It was conducted daily, purposeful work on public order protection in inhabited files and streets, with attraction on a voluntary basis of the public of the enterprises, establishments and the city organisations. The weekly exit of public assistants to police has averaged over 200 persons. It was possible not to admit rise of criminality, and to remain at former level (170 against 170). It has decreased Fulfilment grave crimes from 51 to 35 (-31,4 %).
Nevertheless, despite conducted work, there was a growth of quantity of the crimes made in public places in comparison with the similar period of last year on +42,9 % (7 against 10); the crimes made in streets - +16,7 % (6 against 7); it is made in an alcohol intoxication - +28,6 (14 against 18). Also it is admitted fulfilment growth of crimes by the persons earlier committing crimes - +46,2 % (26 against 38).
State-legal department of Akim`s Apparatus