: 14 2010 . : 23 2016
Information about capital investment projects for 2010
For the purpose of  city economy diversifications is conducted regular work on opening of new industrial innovative projects in a real sector of economic activity.
The innovative project: «factory Building of  production dry  butyl  ksantogenat» Open Company «ТМК and company».It was worked up the feasibility report, design - budget documentation, the business plan , there are agreements and contracts on civil and erection works and equipment delivery, the protocol of intention from Open Company " Kazahmys Corporation " on delivery of made production.
Butyl Ksantogenat is a reagent for enrichment of polymetallic ores.
The collector is applied at the mountain-extracting enterprises as a reagent-collector.
According to the business  plan a total cost of the project is 743 million tenge, from them 379 million tenge belong to the Open Company «ТМК and  company» (51 %) and 364 million tenge belong to  joint-stock company "НК" SPK Saryarka »(49 %). The beginning of realisation of the project is planned for 4 quarter 2010.
There is a working out of the innovative project directed on consideration in Management of Business and the industry of the Karaganda area: «Reformative mechanism" Ajar" is  creation of noiseless  internal-combustion engine (ICE). The project has the preliminary patents registered in the State register of inventions of  the Republic  of Kazakhstan for № 18142 from November, 9th, 2006 and № 19113 from November, 26th, 2007. The active breadboard model is executed. Also there is a scientific and technical substantiation and corresponding business  plan.
According to «Programs  of industrial building development, materials, items and Republic Kazakhstan designs» the project is presented to Management of business and the industry of the Karaganda area for the further financing of factory on production this goods  Open Company «Erkin Ogneupor». We have a project passport .