: 14 2010
Information about results of the  population census operation  in  Zhezkazgan city
     The last population census is a large  share which will help to track further dynamics of  population, structural shifts and will make forecasts for several  years.
     According to population census it will be already possible to advance number of this or that nationality, a share of able-bodied citizens, how many pensioners, students, children live in the country.
     Also you may determine information about  population , floor and age,  marriage condition, about erudition level  of inhabitants of the country, a population share in urban and a countryside .
     Among the important information there are knowing   three foreign languages, number and the size of farming, sources of subsistence means, employment and living conditions.
     As you know   the head of   urban commission  of population census  is  Balmagmabetov  Kanat Sultanovich- Akim of our city, and the vice-president is Muhambedin Amangali Abdyhalikovich. Population census was  realized under their management.
     For census operation in the Zhezkazgan municipal administration were enlist 379 persons. In all it has been organised 9 departments which were headed by this department managers.
     Also in the  city  were created 20 special enumeration districts which have conducted enumeration in all establishments of public health services, children\'s homes, sanatoria and hotels . There are 1966 persons In these establishments, from which 1598 persons was temporary living in our city.
     It is necessary to note the most active sharing in population census operation of such collectives as the Department of Internal Affairs, the Vocational schools, all means mass information, and especially "Дидар" television channel .
     Local police was ensured  safety  of workers in such urban districts as 5 area, station area,  territory of a skilled field, Avariinii and Ribachii settlements.
     It is necessary to note work of collective ZHF RGP "Kazazhstantemyrjoly" which have granted the special engineering for census operation on travelling and settlements along the railway.
     Special gratitude for  directors of high schools where  took places our rewriting  departments and instructor plots.
     According to preliminary data of statistic Department  of the Karaganda area in 01.01.09 in Zhezkazgan administration were 96946 persons,  during  the census operation and control detours has been rewritten 95671 persons. Otherwise  the rewritten number has constituted 98,7 %. The given number will be specified after census forms processing .
according to preliminary data were  rewritten 30783 inhabited and uninhabited premises.
     As well as in last enumerations, number of women prevails, in our city their preliminary number has constituted 50507 persons, or 52,8 % from all number. Men accordingly 45164 persons, or 47,2 %. In our city were rewritten 121 foreign citizen.
     Was  rewritten long-liver Zhunusova Shamshija, she was 104 last birthday .
    Akimat favor her with Diplom, a costly present and  monetary prize.